Shavey Tzion Messianic Sinagogue. Design Explanation

holiday in commune_VetaThis project is very unique. There is no one like this.

The interior design of the sanctuary is emphasizing the Aron ha Kodesh. When you enter the room, your eyes point to the Aron ha Kodesh. The ceiling design, the angle of it’s tiles and lamps – all direct to to the Aron.

The main idea is the breakthrough. When the people of Israel left the Egypt land, God Himself was moving before them as the pillar of fire and cloud. He was showing them the way, giving the shadow, and frightening and dispersing the enemies. By Himself He connected the heavens and the earth. He was in the midst of His people. He was creating His people as a nation by His commandments and by His presence.

971420_10We are the generation, which was brought by God from the northern land and from other lands all over the world. We were scattered all over the world for so long time, that now we need to become one nation once again, to become His nation. We need God in our midst once again. God, who will teach us and will create one nation of us by His Tora and by His presence, who will lead us and show us the way, giving us shadow, frightening and dispersing the enemies..

sketch of aron a-kodesh

aron a-kodesh




That is why the design of Aron ha Kodesh was inspired by the pillar of fire and cloud. It “breaks through” the concrete ceiling to the sky prompting us to break through in our prayers and in our lives.
There are many symbols in this project that speak to us.

1172314_102The Word was with God, – the Torah scrolls are in the Pillar of Fire.
And the Word became flesh and lived among us, – we take the Torah out of the Aron, we read from it, and the Word becomes alive for us.

The light of the Word of God spreads from Torah all over the world to those who already know Him and to those who are not, to nice places and not, where chaos is. These shining clouds are like waves spreading around the Torah, to the sanctuary and further on. The whole design of the ceiling emphasizes this moving. When we enter the door, it directs our eyes to the Aron, to Torah. There are stairs rising to Torah inside the aron. They symbolize Aliyah le Torah. The waves of clouds going forth from the Pillar of Fire, remind us that the word of God goes forth from Torah and spreads around the world. Mi Zion Tetze Torah u dvar adonai mi Yirushalaim – these words are written on the aron.

1266755_10The whole composition of the ceiling is very dynamic. It tells us about movement, moving forward. We should not stop, but move forward, seeking for the answers for many questions.
The rough concrete part of the ceiling also tells us something. This world is far from being perfect. For us it’s not the time to rest. Tikkun olam, the correction of this world is going on. We still have a lot of creative work together with the Great Artist the Creator of the whole Universe. Amen.

1272028_102I am grateful to God for this opportunity to participate in His plan.
Thanks to all specialists who worked on this project. Gregoriy Beresnev – civil engineer, who built the gypsum constructions, electricians – Sasha, Dima, Volodya, finishing – Vadim Birman, carpenter and joiner of highest quality, Mimms – the constructor of this very complicated aron, Olesya – who helped to stain the fire flames, and of course to Ephraim who made the design of the Pillar of Fire.
You know, God gives us talents and abilities. If we are faithful to develop them, and we seek to reach the high level of professionalism, then God can do wonderful things through us.

Veta Kalish


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