video “Bezalel – Son of Light” by Ephraim Kalish


The film “Bezalel – Son of Light” reveals the mystery of the name Bezalel. Through the investigation of the meaning of Bezalel and the names of his forbearers we can gain insight into God’s definition of creativity. Bezalel was the first Israeli artist called by the Creator. God appointed him to build the sanctuary in the desert.

This film explores the four names of Bezalel’s genealogy and through them reveals the message of creativity from the Creator to us: “See, I have chosen Bezalel son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah” (Ex. 31:2).


 * see the fragments:

Bezalel – Son of Light /clip 1/

Bezalel – Son of Light /clip 2/


The music is written by talented composer, Daniel Kruglov especially for this film. We are confident you will be astounded by his musical Interpretation of Bezalel’s genealogy.

Documentary movie 54 min.

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 YEHUDA – clip /from the movie “Bezalel – Son of Light”/


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Bezalel – Son of Light /clip 3/


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