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This is a very important apostle Paul’s revelation about the mystery of God’s calling for the Jews and Gentiles

PANTOMIME Improvisation | Bezalel

Pantomime Improvisation | Bezalel (Ex.31: 2-11)   This pantomime is an improvisation performed by Swiss mime Stefan Rotman on the music, he was listening for the first time

The Calling of Shofar – Yovel / JUBILEE /

The Jubilee is the Messiah Himself. Only in Him our lives can be really changed, only in Him we have our restoration in heritage, the one that we have lost in the Garden of Eden

Obeying the commandment of Shofar blowing

Creativity and Tradition The Bible tells us a little about how exactly Israel should blow shofar. I study the Jewish tradition and commentaries of our sages. My goal is to keep everything valuable that is consistent clearly

The Calling of Shofar /part 1/

The first time our fathers heard the shofar calling out from the heaven was in the Sinai desert. All these years since then, its amazing voice has been accompanying Israel in the countries where the Jewish peoples

Shofar Calling /KEREN – part 2/

Shofar Calling. KEREN see also The Calling of Shofar /part 1/ Weekly Torah reading ‘Aqeedah’ is particularly important to understand the nature and depth of disclosure of the first of the names of the Shofar – “Keren”.

Know BEFORE WHOM You Stand. The Pillar of Fire

The first thing that attracts your attention when you enter the sanctuary of this synagogue is a pillar of fire – the sign of Shavuot. It shines as a flash of great light upon two covenants


Philosophers still discuss if such a phenomenon as Jewish Art exists; and if so, how it can be recognized

Artist James J. Tissot & His Paintings of the Life of Christ

One might al­most speak of his vigor of soul, for the spiritual quality in this distinguished artist is one of his most striking characteristics. Not only is he deeply religious in his daily life, but he is

Aaronic blessing

«…this wise ye shall bless the children of Israel, saying unto them» Ephraim Kalish (Israel) and musicians of the community “Cornerstone.” Kazan. Russia.   The traditional Kohanim Blessing         ————————————————————————————– DONATE  to TORAH-ART PROJECT through Return to