Obeying the commandment of Shofar blowing

Creativity and Tradition

The Bible tells us a little about how exactly Israel should blow shofar. I study the Jewish tradition and commentaries of our sages. My goal is to keep everything valuable that is consistent clearly with the text of the Bible and reveals its symbolic meaning.

I believe that we need to respect our father’s traditions and their experience in obeying God’s commandments. It is important to review the entire previous experience in a creative way, seeking for the will of God in the same time, and to renew the traditional way of shofar blowing.

Fragments of Rosh Ha Shanah Shofar blowing

Here are a few episodes of the congregational meeting and of Holy feasts celebrations, where I blow shofar, thus obeying the Lord’s commandment to Israel.

One of the names of the shofar in the Bible is Yovel (Jubilee). This video shows a fragment of Rosh Ha Shanah Shofar blowing (Feast of Trumpets). This is the musical interpretation of the name Yovel (Jubilee).


Song of Solomon 8:6-7 (“Set me as a seal upon your heart…”). Shofar blowing and singing in Hebrew – Ephraim Kalish, worship team of “The Church of God” in Yaroslavl, Russia.


Music interpretation by Daniel Kruglov, prayer singing in Hebrew by Ephraim Kalish.
Worship at the home group.


In Torah this feast is called Day of Blowing Shofar (Trumpet) or Remembering of the Voice of Shofar. (see also www.torah-art.net ) Listen to the ancient Jewish prayer from Psalm 63. Singing and blowing shofar – Ephraim Kalish, keyboard – Daniel Kruglov.

“The Voice of Shofar” trailer by Ephraim Kalish /purchase the movie/  More about the movie “The Voice of Shofar”, see here 

Shofar Experience clip . More about the movie “Shofar Experience”, see here  


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