Portrait of the Artist / by Marty Shob

Ephraim Kalish is sitting in my living room drinking tea and holding court on his favorite subject – aesthetics through the lens of scripture


This is a very important apostle Paul’s revelation about the mystery of God’s calling for the Jews and Gentiles

The Voice of Shofar. /purchase the movie/

. “Blessed is the people that know the joyful blaring sound: they shall walk, O LORD, in the light of thy countenance.” (Ps.89:15) Wise men say that the sound of shofar will never end.  This film tells

video SHOFAR EXPERIENCE by Ephraim Kalish

. “All you people of the world, you who live on the earth, when a banner is raised on the mountains, you will see it, and when a shofar sounds, you will hear it.” (Is.18:3) “Blessed is

video “Bezalel – Son of Light” by Ephraim Kalish

. The film “Bezalel – Son of Light” reveals the mystery of the name Bezalel. Through the investigation of the meaning of Bezalel and the names of his forbearers we can gain insight into God’s definition of

ZAHA HADID | Learning Centre University of Economics Vienna

Dame Zaha Mohammad Hadid, (31 October 1950 – 31 March 2016) was an Iraqi-born British architect. She was the first woman and the first Muslim to receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize

PURIM | Queen Esther making a hard choice

The Bible shows heroes of faith in whom we can see the prototype of our Messiah the Savior. Through the Jewish woman named Hadassah (queen Esther)

Scroll of Esther | Artist Eliyahu Sidi

Fern Allen  Flip through artist Eliyahu Sidi’s Scroll of Esther, and you’ll soon realize that you are absorbing two stories in one – the text of the ancient Purim plot detailing Queen Esther’s


WORSHIP | KING DAVID Danced. Sculpture in bronze. David’s dance is a popular Bible story


Masada is the ancient fortress in the Judean Desert, Israel. Watch a fascinating video tour to the Judean Desert near the Dead Sea and ascending to Masada mountain