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PURIM | Queen Esther making a hard choice

The Bible shows heroes of faith in whom we can see the prototype of our Messiah the Savior. Through the Jewish woman named Hadassah (queen Esther)


WORSHIP | KING DAVID Danced. Sculpture in bronze. David’s dance is a popular Bible story

Heroes of Tanach in Sculpture /part 2/

< start looking here I like very much when I am looking at modern Jews, – to imagine how they could look like if they lived 20-30 hundreds years ago, – dressed in typical oriental clothes with

GOSPEL, WORSHIP and Messianic Jewish Art

Heroes of the Bible by Ephraim Kalish | CONTINUE to the PART 2 >   Jewish patriarchs, judges, kings and prophets were all extraordinary men. But they were just as much real people as you and me.