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Masada is the ancient fortress in the Judean Desert, Israel. Watch a fascinating video tour to the Judean Desert near the Dead Sea and ascending to Masada mountain

Know BEFORE WHOM You Stand. The Pillar of Fire

The first thing that attracts your attention when you enter the sanctuary of this synagogue is a pillar of fire – the sign of Shavuot. It shines as a flash of great light upon two covenants

Purim in Haifa 2015

There was a special Purim atmosphere in Haifa downtown. Many people, many smiles.  Old and young were all together rejoicing and celebrating the feast of Purim

Ecclesiastes – Photo Version

Ecclesiastes – Photo Version of Dmitry Brickman I had really fathomed this book, for the first time, at the outset of my forties. Of course, I’d tried to read it before, yet I didn’t truly comprehend it back