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Scroll of Esther | Artist Eliyahu Sidi

Fern Allen  Flip through artist Eliyahu Sidi’s Scroll of Esther, and you’ll soon realize that you are absorbing two stories in one – the text of the ancient Purim plot detailing Queen Esther’s

Blessings on the Chanukah Menorah

Before kindling the Chanukah lights on the first night of Chanukah, Sunday December 6, 2015, (or if you’re kindling the Chanukah lights for the first time this year) recite all three blessings. On every subsequent night only the first two are recited. Recited

Yom Kippur prayer. New music interpretation

One of the most important prayers on Yom Kippur is Kol Nidre – All Vows. There are several music versions of this prayer

The Calling of Shofar – Yovel / JUBILEE /

The Jubilee is the Messiah Himself. Only in Him our lives can be really changed, only in Him we have our restoration in heritage, the one that we have lost in the Garden of Eden

Obeying the commandment of Shofar blowing

Creativity and Tradition The Bible tells us a little about how exactly Israel should blow shofar. I study the Jewish tradition and commentaries of our sages. My goal is to keep everything valuable that is consistent clearly

Purim in Haifa 2015

There was a special Purim atmosphere in Haifa downtown. Many people, many smiles.  Old and young were all together rejoicing and celebrating the feast of Purim

Sukkot. We build our sukkah!

Sukkot. We build our sukkah! “So they proclaimed and circulated a proclamation in all their cities and in Jerusalem, saying, “Go out to the hills, and bring olive branches, and wild olive branches, myrtle branches, palm branches, and